Best Photography Books to Learn Professional Photography

Being a passionate photographer and out of my research in the previous few years, I came across some of the photography books by asking more than 30 professional photographers which books actually helped them for improving both in their art and their business.

Now in 2020, I wanted to dig a little deeper into this vast topic of photography books by asking over 600 top photographers the same question:

What books have helped you improve your photography and also grow your photography business?

Best Photography Books to Learn Professional Photography

Best Photography Books to Learn Professional Photography

Best Photography Books to Learn Professional Photography

Out of my curiosity, each photographer helped me with their more than one book category and when I summed up this category at the single place I found the same name cropping up and that forced me for the creation of this post.

A book has been recommended in this list, which requires it to be mentioned at least 10 times by 600 respondents.

The photographers I interviewed ranged from beginners to experienced professionals.  I wanted to make sure that this list of photography books gave good thought to the subject.

Recommended Photography Books

During my research to uncover the best photography books, I soon realized that in order to help a photographer or to have a big impact on that book, there does not have to be a book about photography.

Some may be on the subject of business, creativity, art, productivity, philosophy or any other genre, which makes some notable impact on a photographer’s work.

To make the results easier to digest, I classified the books recommended by photographers into 6 categories.

Since this list of photography books is so long, I suggest you click on the title below that you like the most and start from there:

  1. Books on Creativity for Photographers
  2. Books on Technique for Photographers
  3. Books on Productivity for Photographers
  4. Books on Business for Photographers
  5. Books on Philosophy for Photographers
  6. Books on Art/Inspiration for Photographers

Best Books: Books on Photography Techniques

Every photographer can improve his photography technique at his level.

Whether it is camera settings, composition, lighting, posing, directions or any other myriad of topics that come together to help us create a compelling picture, it is clear that there is much to be learned!

Here is a selection of the best photography books on photography techniques selected by interview photographers.  There is a good mix of books for the beginner, intermediate and advanced level photographers.

  1. Brian Peterson’s Exposure Solutions

The most common photography problems and how to solve them

By Brian Peterson

Why You Should Prefer:  If you want to learn how to control your risk even in difficult situations.

Description: Exposure Solutions is aimed at amateur photographers to highlight highly contrasting scenes in low light, photograph a full moon, highlight subjects against a sunset sky, balance subjects in shadows in brightly lit backgrounds, and many others.

  1. Speedliter’s Handbook

Learning to Craft Light with Canon Speedlites

by Syl Arena

Buy you should Prefer this Book: If You want to learn how to get beautiful shots using several or just one Speedlite, using manual or E-TTL mode to tame the sun, photograph large groups, balance ambient light and create engaging portraits using both on-camera and off-camera flash.

Description: This is the latest edition of one of the most popular books on using Canon Speedlites ever written. The Speedlite’s Handbook is equally informative for amateurs and professionals who want to improve their skills with these small camera flashes.

  1. The Art of Photography

An approach to personal perspective

By Bruce Barnbaum

Why You Should Prefer: If you want a complete photography book that goes beyond technology, delves into philosophical expression, and the creative aspects of photography are often avoided in other books.

Description: it has been described as the more preferred readable, that is understandable and then complete this textbook on photography. With more than 100 beautiful photographic illustrations that are there in both black as well as white and color, and you have numerous charts, illustrations, and tables, The Art of Photography is a classic book that presents the world of photography for beginner, intermediate and advanced photographers. Seeking to make a personal statement through his work.

  1. Studio Anywhere

A photographer’s guide to shooting in unconventional locations

By Nick Fans

Why You Should Prefer: If you want to create pictures with minimal equipment and have a professional photographer build the entire workflow from concept to editing.

Description: Studio anywhere is the resource for many photographers who learn through the behind the scene photos as well as lighting diagrams that range from a range of various photo-shoots. The authors also let you have the view on the aesthetic decision that he makes via his signature photos that inspires you to develop your own vision. He further describes his own styling of Lightroom and Photoshop workflow and hence you can learn about how to deftly navigate post-processing.

  1. Extraordinary Everyday Photography

Awaken your vision to create stunning images wherever you are

By Brenda Thurp and Jade Manwaring

Why You Should Prefer: If you want to learn how to explore beyond the surface, be it a downtown street, a local park, or your own lawn to create a fascinating picture wherever you are.

Description: Paranormal everyday photography encourages amateur photographers to slow down their eyes, and react to open their eyes. numerous Inspirational photos that are given as an example from authors have been taken with DSLRs, other compact digital cameras, and even with iPhones to show that it is the photographer’s eye and creative vision, not the gears, that create a stunning image.

  1. Picture Perfect Practice

A self-training guide to face the challenges of taking world class photographs

By Roberto Valenzuela

Why You Should prefer: if you want to be able to walk confidently to any location, under any lighting condition, with any subject and gear, and know that you can create stunning photos that there is a timeless effect.

Description: In this book Picture Perfect Practice, veteran wedding photographer Roberto professional Valenzuela breaks down the art of photography into significant three key elements – locations, poses and then execution.  And shows you how you can use them to unlock false photographic opportunities beneath every challenging situation.  Picture Perfect Practice also includes an inspirational and helpful chapter on intentional practice techniques, where Valenzuela describes his system for the better practicing as well as analyzing his work that further leads to the continuous improvement of a photographer.

  1. Picture Perfect Posing

Practicing the art of posing for photographers and models

By Roberto Valenzuela

Why you should prefer: If you want to present your subject in a natural and compelling way to take your picture photography from good to stunning.  For wedding photographers and anyone who shoots people for a living?

Description: Instead of just showing page after page pose (such as the highest posing books on the market), Picture  Perfect Posing actually breaks the concept by examining the anatomy, starting with the Core Foundation: Spinal Cord And neck.  Building from there, Roberto further discusses each and every component that works and also fails.  How should the model hold her hands? Bend his elbow?  What should be the Position of his fingers?  The model should look at or away from the camera, and why? Etc.

  1. Understanding Exposure

How to shoot great photos with any camera

By Brian Peterson

Why you should prefer: If you want one of the best photography books written to help demolish the complex concepts of investing in photography, then you can help capture the pictures you want.

Description: By this book Understanding Exposure Brian Peterson explains the fundamentals of light, aperture and shutter speed and how they interact in the form that influences each other in your Photo shooting.

With the focus on how to find the right exposure especially when in a difficult situation, this exposure exposes about how to improve sharpness and the contract issue of the image, freeze actions and then take the best meter reading, filter detect, flash as well as light. Including all the images and expanded section on flash, tips for using colored gels and also advice on shooting star trails; this revised (fourth) edition will clarify the risk for photographers of all levels.

  1. Light Science as well as magic

Introduction to photographic lighting

By Steven Beaver

Why you should prefer: If in case you want to learn about how can you light the maximum subjects of the object like its surface, Glass, Metal, Liquid, Extremes (same color like white on white and black in black) including portraits.

Description: this book, Light Science and Magic gives you a comprehensive theory about nature including principles of light with all the required examples and examples with instructions for its practical application. Not only that the original diagrams further help you with step by step guide and the new edition of ‘Light Science and Magic’ has all the new chapters on
“setting up your new studio” Making Portraits” a new appendix giving you a reliable photo gear sources with updated information that is about advances in flash equipment, fluorescent lights, LED panels and more than 100 new photographs and also informational sidebars.

  1. Mastering Aperture, Shutter Speed, Iso and Exposure

How they interact and influence each other

By al judge

Why you should prefer: Only if you want to learn how many years it takes most photographers to learn, in just a few hours – the 3 components of an exposure triangle.

Description: When your eyes use words like ISO, aperture, shutter speed, and exposure, do your eyes shine? Do you wonder how professional photographers get such stunning shots? Are you excited about photography but confused by all the technical jargon? Mastering aperture, shutter speed, ISO and exposure will painlessly provide help and insight with all of these topics, and within hours of your time. As you will go through the book that builds a solid foundation of photographic knowledge that is available with easy-to-discuss everything, you should know to create better images that give you confidence.

Final Verdict

As the name itself says it all about the books that are recommended you above in the article gives you the complete list of professional photographer suggested books and as you might have read the descriptions that are related to those books further clears your all the doubts that are directly related to those books.

Being the passionate photographer you should know about the importance of lighting balance and pose, dimensions and contrasts that are being given in all these books and not only that the theme related books that are recommended you above give you further clarification about the Book as well.

Hence in case you are serious about your profession, you must be knowing all the matters that are given in the above section there.

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